How to save on Ebay fees with free image hosts?

Whether you are an experienced or new eBay seller, the high level of fees related to image hosting can be a challenge to your bottom line. Many sellers have opted to list items without images, but countless studies have shown that images help ensure buyer confidence and lead to higher final sales prices. As an alternative to not listing photos, consider taking advantage of free image hosting to add photos to your listings.

Today's eBay image fees can run as high as nearly a dollar to run a single large photo and those fees can add up quickly for high volume sellers. Opting to list without images can lead to lower sales prices - however, utilizing free image hosting services can provide a low cost alternative. Free image hosting allows you to upload virtually any type of photo, ensuring that your listing is well decorated. You can't have to choose between saving money and earning more - with free image hosting, you can generate the same premium listing prices without paying high eBay listing fees.

The great part about free image hosting services is that they have no associated costs and are easy to use. All you have to do is sign up an account, upload your photos and embed them into your eBay listing page. As a result, you can save hundreds on eBay fees every single year with minimal effort. Power sellers can save even more, as the fees on individual listings can add up quite quickly. Improve your bottom line by serving up your own self hosted photos for free, and begin experiencing a new level of profits as an eBay power seller.

These services also give you the ability to organize your photos for future listings. If there's a particular item that you list multiple times, then you can utilize the same embedded code on each listing with relative ease. You can also tag and name your photos so you can easily find them in the future in case they are of need - for power sellers, this can be a particularly useful feature. Just imagine: you can organize your photos according to particular types of listings, saving you virtually unlimited amount of time in putting up brand new listings. You can scale up to a power seller much more easily once you have an efficient listing system figured out as well.

Another great option on free image hosting sites is the ability to edit photos. If you need basic photo editing tools such as cropping or lightening, many services offer integrated tools that give you basic photo editing control. Often times, you'll need basic, minor edits made to your photos - a complete photo editor can be expensive and time consuming for basic edits. Instead, relying upon a basic integrated editor can help you quickly, easily and affordably make all of the basic changes to your image. Free image hosting can make your auction business more efficiency, profitable and easy to use!

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