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At free image hosting sites index are currently 24 free image hosting sites where direct linking of images is allowed so you can use it as auction image hosting for Ebay auction on MySpace or weherewer you want.

free image host with hotlinking allowed max. image size
FreeImageHosting.net3000 kB
Allowed files: gif, jpg, bmp, png details >>
PostImage.io10240 kB
Allowed files: jpg, png, bmp, gif
You can let the image auto-expire after 1, 7 or 31 days. details >>
ePhotoBay10240 kB
Allowed files: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp
ePhotoBay details >>
BeeImg3072 kB
Allowed files: png, jpeg, jpg, gif
BeeImg details >>
Imagebin.ca15360 kB
Allowed files: jpg, png, bmp, gif details >>
Hostpic.org4096 kB
Allowed files: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp details >>
PicFront8192 kB
Allowed files: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tif, tiff, bmp, psd
PicFront details >>
Imgpile102400 kB
Allowed files: jpg, png, bmp, gif
private image hosting available for registered users Imgpile details >>
Imagecross2048 kB
Allowed files:
Imagecross details >>
ImagiLive3072 kB
Allowed files: jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, psd
ImagiLive details >> kB
Allowed files: jpg, gif, png, bmp details >>
TechPowerUp.org2048 kB
Allowed files: gif, jpg, png details >>
PictureStack4096 kB
Allowed files: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tif, tiff, ico
PictureStack details >>
Tinypic10240 kB
Allowed files: jpg, png, gif, bmp
Image cannot be larger than 1600 pixels (either width or height). Tinypic details >>
Imageshack (ImgShack)1536 kB
Allowed files: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff
Imageshack (ImgShack) details >>
HostPicture.eu5120 kB
Allowed files: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, psd details >>
Geekpic.net10240 kB
Allowed files: jpg, png, gif details >>
EZ Photo Share262144 kB
Allowed files: jpg, png, bmp, gif
EZ Photo Share details >>
ImgBB16384 kB
Allowed files: jpg, png, bmp, gif
ImgBB details >>
99pHost.com5000 kB
Allowed files: jpg, jpeg, gif, png details >>
ImgSafe.org20480 kB
Allowed files: jpg, gif, png details >>
Phify204800 kB
Allowed files: jpg, jped, gif, png
Phify details >>
MyImgUrl.com10240 kB
Allowed files: jpg, png, bmp, gif details >>
AnonImag.es81902 kB
Allowed files: jpg, bmp, png, gif details >>
free image host with hotlinking allowed max. image size

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found a fairly good one called also let's not forget and
Lately I've been using they allow hotlinking, I don't know if they allow adult images under their terms (I don't read Russian) but I've hosted quite a few adult images there and they haven't been deleted
Any adult image host that allows upload via ftp??
Shalin Sitwala:
Awesome site! Helps me a lot. Thanks.
Scott: allows uploads up to 2100kb and accepts up to 2 files at a time.Allowed file types are:swf, jpeg, gif, ico, jpg, gif, png, tif, tiff, bmp, cur, tga, pix, ai, psd
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