What is image hosting?

After sharing a great weekend with friends and family, you will likely want to share and rekindle those memories in the form of a shared photo album. Image hosting allows you to upload and share photos onto a server so that your connections can view and comment on the photos. Additionally, you can utilise image hosting to publicly share any images that you wish - many image hosting services have a wide range of customization options depending on your specific needs.

Image hosting services provide storage space and bandwidth to access the files, which can be quite large in high resolution. The majority of image hosts support common GIF, JPEG, PNG and PDF file formats, allowing you to upload photographs, graphic design creations and, even, shared documents. Integration of social networking features allows you to have your own custom profile and settings on many image hosting sites, allowing you access to a broader array of features.

How Much File Space Do I Get?

Each image hosting site is unique, although all of the services generally provide your own custom space to upload image files. Some services may place restrictions on your maximum upload space, although you can always upgrade to premium services for more features and bandwidth. Premium services often include a variety of editing, gallery and slideshow tools to improve the presentation of your images. Additionally, some services allow you to directly share or link images to your friends via email or social networks.

Utilising image hosting can save you time, money and resources over traditional web hosting space, which is much more limited in its bandwidth and features. While there are open source scripts which allow you to host photo galleries, make sure you are comfortable with the technical installation and maintenance requirements to run your own photo gallery. Running your own image hosting gallery can give you access to more customization options, but also requires that you maintain the server space and software. Always weigh the tradeoffs before making a final decision on which service is best for your needs.

Sharing Your Photos

You can provide a direct link to an individual photograph or album via image hosting so that you can easily share the memories with your friends. Some services allow for “tagging” of the geographical area or people so that you can easily search through your albums for a particular image. Many services also allow instant uploading and sharing via Mobile Apps, creating an instant link with your friends and family.

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