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Unfortunatenly ImageBanana image host isn't working anymore ... but don't worry, we have have found many sites like ImageBanana , just visit the complete list of free image hosting sites and choose another image host.

ImageBanana used to be on:

Allowed picture & photo typesjpeg, jpg, gif, png, tif, tiff, bmp, psd
Maximum image size3.46484375 MB
Image hotlinking allowed?no
Adult pics allowed?yes   ( view all adult image hosting sites )
Private hosting allowed?no   ( view private image hosting sites )
Remote uploader?yes
Registration required?no   ( view all anonymous image sharing sites )
Download limitunlimited
Image life  ( view temporary image hosting sites )
ImageBanana image hosting site
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for photos that aren't important and you have little to no expectation of keeping I'd use this site because it's faster than photobucket. but if you want your picture to remain around and you still want to use imagebanana cause of it's speed, then back up your pictures to a harddrive first I recommend.
You have problem since yesterday. Hundreds of photos disapeared. Are we going to recuperate them? It looks like that your photo uploader is not secure any longer. Thanks for info.
No, this is no server problem. Some of my friends use "imagebabanať and they have the same problem from time to time. Today - none of us could load and read previous opictures. It must be a periodical problem on your side. Please improve. Thanks
Hi, there is a problem. All photos uploaded in december 2009 from yr hosting banan DISAPEARED! I've checked it with a couple of person and all of them confirmed thgis problem. Is it possible that you check your server and try to repear damages caused to all of us. Hope that it would be possible and we will see our uploaded photos again. Thanks
Hi, again there is a problem with imagebanana. It is a good image uploader but from time to time is out of order. Please try to improve your service. Thanks
Hello, I already wrote to you. I doi like your uoploader - bur again today I've problem with connection to you. Is it possible to improove? Regards
It is excellend photos uploader and I love it as the most user friendly. BUT THERE IS APROBLEM - you uploader has so many problems that some time drives me mad!!!!! Is it possible to improve your services - event if it would be paid uploader.
some times thumbnails and images not working... (meybe because of a server issue)
jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tif, tiff, bmp, psd, nfo, txt Max. 3,50 MB tar, zip, bzip2 Max. 25,00 MB
FindImageHost admin: Thanks, details updated.
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