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Unfortunatenly Photogiga image host isn't working anymore ... but don't worry, we have have found many sites like Photogiga , just visit the complete list of free image hosting sites and choose another image host.

Photogiga used to be on:

Allowed picture & photo typesjpg, jpeg, gif, tif, tiff, bmp, png, swf
Maximum image size976.5615234375 MB
Image hotlinking allowed?yes
Adult pics allowed?no
Private hosting allowed?yes
Remote uploader?yes
Registration required?no   ( view all anonymous image sharing sites )
Download limitunlimited
Image lifeunlimited  ( view temporary image hosting sites )
Photogiga image hosting site
Are you looking for something else? Different imagehost? There are many sites like Photogiga, check available alternatives: view the best image hosts we have in our database.

Site is closed.
FindImageHost admin: Thanks for the notice
Absolutely what I needed, perfect site. Just to let you know: DON'T use the code they supplied, just copy the direct link from it and then embed using some code generator or other tool.
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