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Unfortunatenly FHQhosting image host isn't working anymore ... but don't worry, we have have found many sites like FHQhosting , just visit the complete list of free image hosting sites and choose another image host.

FHQhosting used to be on:

Allowed picture & photo typesjpg, jpeg, bmp, png, swf, gif
Maximum image size10 MB
Image hotlinking allowed?yes
Adult pics allowed?no
Private hosting allowed?yes
Remote uploader?yes
Registration required?no   ( view all anonymous image sharing sites )
Download limitunlimited
Image lifeunknown  ( view temporary image hosting sites )
FHQhosting image hosting site
Are you looking for something else? Different imagehost? There are many sites like FHQhosting, check available alternatives: view the best image hosts we have in our database.

FHQHosting charges now. Kinda sucks
FHQs old admin:
@Kanu: So far, no, the website wont be back again. I'm really sad that I sold FHQ but it was costing too much and no one clicked on the ads or donated, so we have to shut it down..
Too bad its down now. Few if any provides the flexibility of fhqhosting.Will the site be back again?
fhqs admin:
Hey, FHQhosting's admin here, just a quick question, is it possible to write that we support every file format? not only those you say we allowed please?, and btw, we support the hosting of .fla Thanks
this host is one of the beste and fastests free filehosts, especially the nice 10MB limit is very very welcome ;) and there swf support is very very good only sad thing is that the swf hosting seems to cost them to much money (read there red text below in the upload screen) i hope they will be able to keep up the excellent swf hosting for a long long time so i anyone can spare some dimes, please donate it to them so the excellent swf hosting can continue
fhqhosting is grate friends!
I can not access the site like that?
fhqs admin:
hey, admin of fhqhosting here. Message to FindImageHost admin, we have updated our file size limit, its not 5mb anymore, its 10mb please change it
FindImageHost admin: Thanks for the notice, I updated the size limit.
This site is so fast o.O. I can upload dozens of files so quickly, and it serves them well! I posted screens on a big forum and got more than 15 00 views on my topic in less than 60minutes...No downtime for the screenshots!
FHQhosting died D:
FindImageHost admin: probably only temporary problem, now it seems to be working OK.
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