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Unfortunatenly Images.Gonzb image host isn't working anymore ... but don't worry, we have have found many sites like Images.Gonzb , just visit the complete list of free image hosting sites and choose another image host.

Images.Gonzb used to be on:

Allowed picture & photo typesjpg, jpeg, gif, swf, png
Maximum image size128 MB
Image hotlinking allowed?yes
Adult pics allowed?yes   ( view all adult image hosting sites )
Private hosting allowed?yes
Remote uploader?yes
Registration required?no   ( view all anonymous image sharing sites )
Download limitunknown
Image lifeunknown  ( view temporary image hosting sites )
NoteCurrent price is 1.99 Euro per month
Images.Gonzb image hosting site
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allright, all users now have CDN delivery of images. so all hotlinks are faster. free, anon or premiums. Premium users just have a higher quality CDN thats all.
@RED, sorry about that. The plan to upgrade was a bit delayed. We have upgraded the service and added commercial CDN for paid members at no additional cost :)
A bit slow to load links and website NOV 2011
jason: is now blocking all search engines and removed itself from search results to protect privacy of the members. cheers!
hi, now allows free anonymous upload, subject to very minimal conditions. This will help folks test before subscribing. cheers! Thank you. Jason
my albums are still fine, they said they had too many abusers so locking them away was the only way. New members who want free (albeit slow loading) , its back and you have to go to for it. I am fine with paying 1.99 euro since I host vthing here and hotlink it to my sites. saves bandwidth on free hosts xD
surfer: is working just fine...
As of April 13th, 2010: is no longer free. On that date they started locking the existing free albums and forcing everyone to move to premium accounts. The free lunch is over, as they themselves state. Here's a quote from their forum: "We can no longer support any more Free Users and we can no longer promise that anonymous hotlinked images uploads will be allowed (at least not for few months). Existing free members, please convert to paid membership immediately, we are giving a huge discount for next 20 members. We will be blocking upload of any further files as soon as possible. If you do not wish to take hosting you can download and backup your files. We MAY eventually remove your images to make space for PREMIUM MEMBERS. We have started locking albums. We will remove free user albums from 13th April 2010 onwards as and when we need to make space. Your files may remain for 1 month or for 1 year."
Ed Simms: is the only site I know of that allows hotlinking of adult images. was the best but they're dead.. I paid a one time $20 premium account fee to them a couple of years ago and got unlimited bandwidth and storage with unlimited storage space. Great deal.. but now I've got thousands of dead images.. is good.. but the site is slow. Oh well.. what can ya do..
Maybe this site should put a rating next to the sites listed
As someone posted here before DOES allow full image hotlinking. WITHOUT watermark if in your own album.
refering to my original comment and what you guys say about adult hotlink to original... its allowed at . dint i say it rules. btw they hate people who mess up the gallery. thats all you can do to get your shit deleted. otherwise its cool.
slowmo: has been around for years. noobs dont know about it thankfully. 100mb files size uploads, an uploader program and hotlinking all allowed. what else could you ask for. Images are not taken down for no reason like bandwidth and other BULLSHIT
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