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Allowed picture & photo typesjpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tif, tiff, ico
Maximum image size4 MB
Image hotlinking allowed?yes
Adult pics allowed?no
Private hosting allowed?no   ( view private image hosting sites )
Remote uploader?no   ( view hosts with remote upload )
Registration required?no   ( view all anonymous image sharing sites )
Download limitunlimited
Image lifeunlimited  ( view temporary image hosting sites )
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PictureStack reviews, user comments:

I use this only for put images on forum's it's very useful thank's! Hi Maurice! What's the problem i don't understand the problem you had!
LOL at mau. Anyways. Use this site whenever I need to host an image. Simple and fast, does everything I need. No annoying process, just click and go.
Apologies, i was mad, just modified the link, without www... guys, really sorry, i was mad, best hosting ever... ty for all. =/
all of the photos i have uploaded are down! i hate you guys! i really hate you, too much hours losed, I HATE YOU
I really run out of words this wep is the best thing on the net very good as far as uploading multiple formats to ico is great and And you can caragr several pictures while I am very impressed
You guys are simply awesome. I spent hours trying to get my .ico image to load (and work). I was so impressed, I have made my humble donation to your project. Thanks and keep up the good work! (IE keeps their icon, but it works in Firefox and Chrome. But that is a minimal concern because it still replaces the favicon I didn't want).
Soo simple.. great 4mb limit per file!!! and 1 add lol realy cool site, i use it for everything
Paulette Tripp:
Perfect!! exactly what I was looking for,simple,reliable,works for ebay and just plain simple...keep up the good work people.
Simple and smooth! I hope it'll remain as it is for longer time.
Randolph Carter:
This site is one of the better image hosts that I have used. Its really simple, clean, uncluttered, and i don't have to log in and all that when i upload something. All in all i give it a 79.36 out of 79.37
It's smooth, simple, and easy on the eyes. I'm on a lovely connection called dial-up, and waiting for sites to load is a hassle. However in mere seconds the entire site loads - just a matter of locating the image and uploading it. I haven't had a single problem with it yet, nor any images gone missing. Been using it since the day it was created. I'll be sticking around with it till the day it dies.
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